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EMA ELECTRONICS – Linking Your System

EMA Electronics, started in 1979, is an experienced manufacturer in sensors technology and industrial switches, including three divisions: Factory Automation, Process Automation and Human Interfaces. Owning an outstanding R&D team which focus on core technique as well as being and devoted to development and innovation, we therefore provide our esteemed customers with All-In-One solution as vertical integration including design, production, and sales. We believe that the only way to offer the best industrial control system for customers is to be a total solution provider. Through our enterprise concept, we can make our customers reduce the cost of operation, enhance the efficiency of work, and increase the quality plus the extra value of products. 


•Fluid Sensors

•Level Measurement

Flow Sensors, Flow and Temperature Sensors, Temperature Sensors, Pressure Sensors, Radar Wave Level Transmitter, TDR Level Sensors, Ultrasonic Level Transmitter, Rotating Paddle Level Switches, Vibrating Fork Level Limit Switches and Float Level Switches


•Position Sensors


Inductive Proximity Sensors, Capacitive Proximity Sensors, Valve Proximity Sensors, Speed Monitors, AS-interface system


•16/22/25/30mm Control Switches

•30/50/70mm Multi-Layer Light Tower