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Stainless Steel Temperature Sensors

Precise. Easy mounting. Wide measuring ranges.
• All stainless steel structure
• Seal Plus + technology for IP68 / IP69K
• The sensors are programmable with advanced intelligent system
• 7 sections of LEDs. The display can be reversed.
• Enhanced anti-interference capability and pass EMC tests
• Features with short-circuit / reverse polarity / overload protection
• Small size, light weight, anti-abrasion, anti-corrosion

EMA TA series temperature sensors adopt corrosion-resistant materials, which has strong ability of anti-acid & alkali and anti-corrosion. It is widely used in the industrial fields such as boiler systems, cooling systems, air conditioning system, warehouse temperature control systems, process control systems and etc. 

Five unique technical features of this temperature sensors as followings:
1. Adopt full stainless steel material. The rating is up to IP68 / IP69K
2. PT1000 element
3. Intelligent controller and integrated display. 
4. The user can set the temperature range and switching points through the buttons.
5. The temperature probe comes with temperature compensation, with high  
  temperature stability and time stability.

Thanks to ema Seal Plus technology, the protection rating is up to IP68. 
Maximum ambient temperature can reach to 150℃(=302℉) and the sensor is suitable for the installation standard for food or medical processing system. Based on fully enclosed waterproof antisepsis structure, it can be extended to food and pharmaceutical industries. 

There are TA smart type with display, TB/TD remote control type with distplay, TC analogue compact transmitter, TA32 Sanitary temperature sensors in our product line.